What is M3U8 and how to open it

windows and mac m3u8 player

An M3U8 file is a UTF-8 encoded audio playlist file. It serves as a text document used by media players to queue up files. These files describe where media files are located, including both audio and video files. Here are some key points about M3U8 files:

  1. Purpose: M3U8 files provide references to online files for internet radio stations or create playlists for personal music or videos. They allow you to quickly and easily start playing the content they point to.
  2. Format: M3U8 files can use absolute paths, relative paths, and URLs to refer to specific media files or entire folders of media files. They may also contain comments describing the contents.
  3. Software Compatibility:
    • VLC: You can open M3U8 files using VLC, which gathers all the music files referenced in the text file and loads them into the media player for playback.
    • iTunes and Songbird: These programs also support M3U8 files.
    • Online: You can use websites like Anym3u8player.com to open M3U8 files online, provided the contents it references are also available online.
    • Linux: XMMS is an option for Linux users.
    • Mac: CocoModX works for Mac users.
  4. Conversion: If you need to convert an M3U8 file to a different playlist format, you can use VLC to save it as M3U, XSPF, or HTML.

Remember that M3U8 files are primarily used for audio playlists, but they can also include video references. So, the next time you encounter an M3U8 file, you’ll know how to handle it! 🎵🎧

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