PHP HLS/M3U8/MP4 Reverse Proxy Solution for Fixing Cross-Origin Streaming Issues

m3u8 hls and mp4 reverse proxy

Our advanced PHP HLS/M3U8/MP4 Reverse Proxy, designed to solve the cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issues. This PHP script is perfect for securely restreaming M3U8 content from diverse sources, ensuring compatibility between HTTP and HTTPS sites.

Simplified Streaming with PHP Script

Our PHP reverse proxy script stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. Requiring minimal configuration with just a single PHP file (now 3 PHP file as you will receive the proxy generator from video v1.5), it’s ideal for users without technical expertise. The script offers a straightforward approach to streaming, removing the need for complex setups like nginx or other third-party scripts.

Flexible Implementation Options

The reverse proxy caters to various requirements with multiple implementation methods:

  • Directly call the PHP file using a GET request (e.g.,
  • Embed the streaming URL within your proxy.php file, creating separate files for different streams.
  • Proxy generator for multiple m3u8 links.
  • Enhance security with password-protected GET requests and set usage limits for each password. (this one is available on request after your order was placed. Just let us know on the contact page and we will send you the updated one)

Support and Updates

Purchasing this script includes you in our database for receiving continuous updates, ensuring your proxy remains efficient and up-to-date. The script has been rigorously tested on CPANEL shared hosting from , demonstrating excellent performance.

Please Note:

  • Our script is specifically designed to address Cross-Origin issues.
  • We offer support to assist with any challenges, but the script may not work with all types of M3U8 links.
  • No refunds are offered, and usage beyond our expertise may not be supported.

Script Compatibility and Testing

The script has been successfully tested with a variety of streaming sources for demonstration purposes, including,, and various other CDNs. However, it is not intended for use with these specific sources.
youtube live streaming urls
and many other cdns

Recent Updates

  • 13.12.2024: v1.5 update introduced Cross-Origin Issue resolution for MP4 videos.
  • 03.10.2024: Release of v1.4, as showcased in our video presentation.
  • 13.04.2023: v1.3 added encryption for ts links within the video player.
  • 12.04.2023: v1.2 introduced domain-restricted access to the reverse proxy.

PHP HLS/M3U8 Reverse Proxy to solve Cross Origins issues

Video presentation of the script:

V.1.5 – video presentation:

V.1.4 – video presentation:


PHP HLS/M3U8 Reverse Proxy to solve Cross Origins issues