how to create an m3u8 file

Creating an M3U8 file is straightforward! Follow these steps to create your own playlist:

  1. Open a Text Editor:
    • Use a plain text editor like Notepad (Windows), TextEdit (Mac), or any other code editor you prefer.
  2. Start a New Document:
    • Create a new, empty document.
  3. Add Entries:
    • Each M3U8 line represents a media file (audio or video).
    • Use the following format: with the duration of the media file (in seconds).
      • Replace <title> with a descriptive title for the media.
      • Replace <file_path> with the path to the media file (either an absolute path or a URL).
    • #EXTM3U
  4. Repeat Step 3 for Each Media File:
    • Add more lines following the same format for each media file you want in your playlist.
  5. Save the File:
    • Save the document with a .m3u8 extension (e.g., my_playlist.m3u8).
  6. Test the Playlist:
    • Open the M3U8 file in a media player like VLC to verify it loads the correct files.

Remember to adjust the paths and titles according to your media files. Now you’re ready to enjoy your custom playlist!