How to embed a M3u8 Player with a Chat function on your website for free

m3u8 player with chat

In this video, I will show you how to embed a m3u8 player with a chat function on your website for free.

You need first to go to our M3U8 Player website. On the website, you can insert your m3u8 URL directly on the input and press play with chat. You will be redirected to the new chat created.

To generate a player for your website on the menu click on Player+Chat. In this example, I will use the Player generator without a logo.

As you can see the embed code was generated and it can be inserted in your website code. The chat is responsive and can be used also for mobile devices. Please note that if you use scrolling=”no” the chat will not be visible on mobile devices so I suggest using scrolling=”yes” for better functionality across multiple devices.