What is the difference between M3U and M3U8 files?

m3u8 vs m3u

An M3U and an M3U8 file are playlist formats that organize and list media files, such as audio or video tracks. Let’s explore their differences:



    1. M3U (MPEG Audio Layer III URL):

      • Format: M3U files are plain text files with a .m3u extension.
      • Character Encoding: M3U files use the ANSI character encoding (usually Latin-1 or Windows-1252).
      • Compatibility: Widely supported by various media players and software.
      • Content: M3U files reference media files using relative or absolute paths.
      • Usage: Commonly used for creating playlists of local files on your computer.
      • Example:
        #EXTINF:123,Artist - Song.mp3
        C:\Music\Artist - Song.mp3
    2. M3U8 (UTF-8 Encoded M3U):

      • Format: M3U8 files are also plain text files but with a .m3u8 extension.
      • Character Encoding: M3U8 files use UTF-8 character encoding, which supports a wider range of characters and languages.
      • Compatibility: Supported by modern media players and streaming services.
      • Content: M3U8 files typically reference online media streams (e.g., internet radio stations, live TV channels, or video streams).
      • Usage: Used for streaming content over the internet, especially for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).
      • Example:

        In summary, M3U files are more commonly used for local media files, while M3U8 files are associated with online streaming and use UTF-8 encoding. Both formats serve as playlists, but their specific use cases and compatibility differ.

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