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If you are looking to test YouTube Live streams without the interruption of ads? offers a solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you watch YouTube Live streams ad-free.

Step 1: Install the Chrome or EDGE Extension

First, you need to add a specific Chrome extension to your browser. This extension is designed to play HLS M3U8 formats, which is key to this process. Install it from the Chrome Web Store: HLS M3U8 Player Live Play Extension or from Edge Web Store if you are using Microsoft Edge HLS & m3u8 Player: Live & Playback.

Step 2: Copy the YouTube Live Stream Link

Choose the YouTube Live stream you want to watch. For instance, let’s use this link as an example: Copy the link of the stream you wish to view.

Step 3: Generate the M3U8 URL

Next, visit and paste the copied YouTube link. This tool will convert the YouTube link into an M3U8 URL, which is the format compatible with our Chrome extension. Once the URL is generated, right-click and select ‘Copy link address’ to grab the M3U8 URL.

extract youtube m3u8

Step 4: Play the Stream Using the Extension

Now, open the previously installed Chrome or Edge extension. Paste the M3U8 URL from YouTube into the extension’s interface and hit the play button.

play youtube m3u8

Enjoy Ad-Free Streaming

That’s it! You’re now streaming your chosen YouTube Live video directly in your browser, completely free of ads. This method offers a smooth streaming experience, bypassing the usual commercial interruptions that come with standard YouTube viewing.

youtube video

Remember, this method is intended for personal use and should comply with YouTube’s terms of service. Enjoy your ad-free viewing experience with!