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In this resource, we present a curated selection of HLS m3u8 URLs perfect for testing various HLS Video Players. This collection includes links from prominent sources like Akamai, Dolby, Azure, and Unified Streaming, featuring popular media like Big Buck Bunny, Sintel, and Tears of Steel.

HLS m3u8 Resources

As developers in the HLS streaming domain, having access to a variety of test URLs for HLS m3u8 is invaluable. Whether you’re coding an HLS-compatible player, packaging media in HLS format, or simply want to understand how HLS operates, these URLs serve as a practical resource. I’ve compiled these links to save you time and effort in your search.

Below is the compiled list of m3u8 URLs for your testing needs:

Tears of Steel m3u8:


fMP4 m3u8 (Apple Advanced Example):


MP4 m3u8:


Live M3U8 Akamai

You can test these or other m3u8 links with our M3U8 player.


Some HTTP M3U8 links (please be aware that you are testing the links over http):

HTTP M3U8 links don’t work over HTTPS due to browser security measures against mixed content. For testing or use, these links should ideally be served over the same protocol as the main website (HTTP) to ensure functionality and security.





If you want to test these http links directly in your browser you can download our Chrome or Edge Extension. This extension works as well with the above https demo links.