watch multiple tv channels

With the Multi TV application, follow more than one news channel, television or YouTuber at the same time via YouTube broadcasts on a single screen.

Multi TV is an application designed for multi-screen viewing, allowing users to watch multiple news channels, television programs, or YouTube broadcasts simultaneously through YouTube streams. Originally created for large screens to facilitate the simultaneous viewing of numerous video streams, it is also functional on mobile devices, though with some limitations in the channel sorting feature. In the app, live broadcasts are arranged side-by-side with the audio muted, enabling users to focus on a particular broadcast by increasing the volume or switching to full-screen mode.

The application supports viewing configurations of 4, 9, 16, and 25 channels at once, tailored for 16:9 screen ratios. As of version 1.5, users have the flexibility to choose the number of channels they view. The setup allows users to select which channels to watch and to rearrange their order through the interface.